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You can have any color, so long as, it is  BLACK.


Famous words of Henry Ford, while launching Model T.
Industrialisation, advent of ‘Standardisation’.

Made perfect sense in that era. Could be mass produced, required standard processes, needed machine-like workers. Every customer was treated the same, needed every one to adapt to the product, product was not designed to fit the customer.

Can this be repeated with your boardroom, and today?

Shall we have all the boardrooms the same – mass produced. Little respect for individuality, or the organisation’s culture. Where users change, to suit the boardroom. Where meetings are dictated by the stiffness of the technology, not by your demands.

Standardisation is lazy.

Customisation is challenging.

It requires us to be on edge of technology, necessitates to soak-up your expectations, commands to tailor the solution, demands to learn new languages and provide you with YOUR boardroom. Not a ‘black’ copy.

your own Black