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True Presence

Boardroom is the place for reviews, directions, and visions.
Boardrooms are big and long, discussions wide and penetrating. Reviews are conducted to and conducted upon – Home and Away.
Home reviews play to full houses, adorned with data, presentations, discussions and the de-briefings.
Away needs the same, without the smell and a full house. A select few on a digital presence.
Two ways to conduct the two, create separate rooms for the two reviews. or equip one with everything.
Real estate tips the decision to one room, tradition reinforces it.
Sit long, display and camera on the front wall, speakers on ceiling, mics on table, width of the wall calling the size of the display, not the view ability. that’s tradition.
works fine with home reviews, data on the big screen, viewable to full house, person available in-person, loud and clear.
away reviews, a poor cousin.
The big screen needs to house the data, the reviewer, the reviewed. Audio needs to be directional, not spray bulleted. Sadly, it fails.
the home pictures are askew and small. the away pictures are distant and small, no eye to eye contact, no face to face, the data is unclear, the speech is
un-directed, chairman can’t discern the visuals – needs a second monitor.
so either the data is left to laptops, or the people have to move, or maybe both.
bad design, forced compromises, added expenditure, non productive.
gumberg faced the same problem, with no fix from the traditionalists.
we opened the box to deliver the true solution. no more, no less.
same room, life-like, eye-to-eye, face-to-face. big and clear. productive reviews – Home and Away.
change the wall. Have a presence.


Intelligence in AV