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The most important place in a corporate office – the fountainhead of decisions. Where the effort can not be compromised due to poor audio, unclear video, non-available tools, constrained presentation or difficulty in operations.

Trust us to deliver fully self-sufficient, self-managing nerve-centers.The experience does not leave you wanting for anything. The upshot- a result oriented meeting, which is not to be scheduled again.


Digital Presence

The most potent technological advancement, which induces real improvements in the speed of decisions, business presence & customer relationship.
We put the human factors first, focusing on visual collaboration solutions, that separate from the unnatural “talking heads” experience of traditional videoconferencing. These cues include life–size participants, fluid motion, accurate flesh tones and true eye contact.


learning Centres

The more we can get the employees to grasp and then re-produce is un-quantifiable. How often we find ourselves wondering about the actual skill improvements in a training program. The compromises made are counter- productive, resulting in the loss of a potential competency.
We develop the ‘learning centers’, that ensure a true focus on involved learning. Where the ‘environment’ is managed on its own. The only activity left to put the efforts, is on the actual message, and its application in the real life.


Briefing Centres

A practical and important activity, with lot of expectations and intent. But more often than not, the results defy the investment. With a severe loss of the message received, and subsequently practiced. With a well-designed solution you can turnaround a passive space to an active experience. You can conduct activities for a big group –
mass addressals, group trainings, HR initiatives, town-halls. A solution, where no one has to move from the workplace, and still get complete message as it is, without losing any productivity.


Digital Broadcast

Keep your employees motivated, visitors informed and partners aligned. Precise and absolute communication across office. Power to control, and influence the output at any location inside your office. The channel for communication is always ready with your employees at a speed which is delayed only by a click.