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At office, you wear masks, you sanitize hands, you maintain social distancing. All your meetings are
now done virtually; no travel, no contact. The shield against the virus is toughened. Is it?

Even now, to initiate, join, share or end a call; you touch a surface, a shared surface; a remote, a button or
a touch-panel. All the preparations, all the precautions are undone. The shield has been breached.

Most of the collaboration rooms designed in the pre-Covid era are unsafe and use-less, now.

Back then, to bring ease-of-use, the technology relied on touch, the automation and controls were all through
the quintessential touch-panel. If not the touch-panel, then the remotes or the buttons. By design, the entire
set-up promoted touch and that too shared by many. But, touch can be fatal.

In the ‘new-normal’, to use these collaboration rooms, the choices are limited: stop using the rooms, use
them with limited functionalities, leave it to immunity. Or, Upgrade your existing set-up to a safer Touchfree technology.
Upgrades, which will keep you and your investment safe.

With our continued research, we have developed ’smart upgrades’ for the existing rooms, which will
transform your existing meeting rooms to Touchfree operations. Our ‘smart upgrades’ are available in
multiple variants, incorporating the latest technologies in AI, IoT and QR. You can opt for any-one or a
combination or more than one for your collaboration rooms.

The existing set-up will be equipped and programmed with minor add-ons to achieve the transformation.
Any number of varied activities can be activated by voice commands ,physical presence or even with a
personal device. You will also experience improved controls and ease-of-use; with more advanced

No need to touch, stay safe.

Contact us to upgrade to Safe Collaboration