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Fatigue Free Audio

Advance Acoustics

Remove the inequality in sound availability inside the room. No place is too loud or too low. All are equally served with exactly the same sound as it comes from the source, no less no more. No source remains uncovered, be it your multi-media presentation, video conferencing, dvd, addressal…

With smart programming of the acoustic elements, you get to work in an environment which does not strain the participants, resulting in higher output from the meetings.



Intelli Speech

Experience a solution which understands the difference between the speech and the noise, which understands the location of the active speaker. One which is intelligent enough to enhance the strength of your speech, and smother the noise. so that you send the message across geographies in a manner you want it to, and not the noise of
whispers, paper shuffling, air conditioner…

No need not to break in between, to regain the vocal chords.



One Talk

How many times we have seen, or have been part of meetings where multiple participants want to express their point of view at the same time. None is able to generate any interest, creating a chaotic situation called ‘fish market’. This becomes far more embarrassing in situations where we are connected to some other part of the world.
Would it not be nice to have a system which induces meeting discipline, without any manual intervention. Where only one person talks at a time, the next listens and then puts his point, maybe a counter-point.