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not for the ordinary

Some rooms are not ordinary.

They are Big, they accommodate more people. They are long, the last person is far, and the most eminent. But, they are not high, restricting the size of the display on the wall. The restrictions fail to serve the different kinds of media.

Usually, these are the most important rooms, housing the most important people and their entourage. Some rooms are not ordinary.

These are the rooms which attract the highest AV investment, unfortunately with very low satisfaction. The primal need of data visibility is heavily compromised, even with multiplicity of displays all around. Video is managed with a squint, but data is hopeless. The heavily invested room does not serve the purpose of a meaningful meeting, without the proper visibility of data among the participants.

Now you have the solution, a real solution.


Content Monitors by Huddle

sleek, silent, stealth

All that needs to be seen is right in front, clear. What you see, can be interacted with, annotated with – multi-ways, allways. Annotate locally, globally and even with mobile devices out there in the field. 
A stunning addition to your conference room, embedded in the table, in-front of participants, invisible when not in use -stealth mode.

no ordinary solution