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Look, Who is Talking

The gravity of any message is loaded in the expressions of the speaker. Sadly, thats what we loose in a regular video collaboration. We send stamp size pictures of us where it is very difficult for the other side to decipher the body language of the active participant. That creates a severe chasm in the effort invested, and the result

Welcome to a smart world, where you send every grimace along side your message, with a single push of a button.



Screen Presence

Stop jumping between the screen and the laptop when explaining a point. The screen is the laptop. Control everything on your laptop from the screen, focus fully on the explanation. Make all kinds of notes over the soft copy, capturing each input and sending it to everyone. That is active discussion, that is what enhances
productivity, and that is what produces.



Vivi Display

Vivid, clear, adaptable displays.

Displays which are stretchable, which understand the format. They do not discriminate between data or video. They welcome interactions with humans. That is for future and present.



i Present

Once upon a time, there was a designated place in the boardroom, where one has to stand and present. Those were the days, now no more.

Today, everyone is equipped with laptops or tablets. The discussions are more collaborative and interactive. We require multiple forms of data at the same time. Empower everyone with the freedom to choose what and when to present, ‘where’ is his seat.



Follow Me

Video collaboration can at times become restrictive. You loose the freedom to move and talk, as your pictures get lost in a live session. But ain’t that the natural way of collaboration, you do it all the time in your local meetings, to explain a point or initiate a discussion. With controlled camera tracking you don’t have to restrict yourself, from moving to the screen, or the whiteboard. The camera turns and zooms onto you, and let you have a unbridled video collaboration.