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Need & Gap

The first step to an effective solution.At Huddle, we are receptive to identify with your expectations,competent to mould the technology, to bring your expressions of mind to reality. We put sincere effort in understanding the behavior patterns, intended applications, and expectations from the investment.




Seating decides what level of involvement is achieved in your collaborations – either local or distant. Get a perfect arrangement and then experience the difference. An arrangement which is designed with due considerations to the dimensions of the room, variations of the meetings, and the frequency of the attendees




The solution is a slave to the room in which it is housed. Dimensions of the room, building material of the walls, covering on the floor, effects of the glass, are all to be studied and incorporated before you get The perfect solution. With our complete expertise on the architectural parameters affecting the AV output, you have the
advantage of the correct foundation.




To create a feel of a real collaboration over geographies, we have to send real pictures, which need real effort on the lighting. Right from the lux levels for different meeting types, to the intensity levels at different places in the room, to the key light and hair light everything is incorporated in the drawing.