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Solution Design


To get that stress-free collaboration, you need – right Near focus, Far focus, angle of view, Data dia, Video dia. Forget about it, we provide you the freedom to focus on your business by taking care of all the relevant parameters. Optic design ensures a stress free involvement in all the interactions




Light travels straight, Sound does not. Every material reacts differently to sound. Every source delivers differently

Guidance on the usage of building material, managing the interaction of sources, sifting noise from sound; is an absolute must to create a professional set-up.



Software Programing

Refined technology adapts to your working, not the other way round. With our willingness to understand your organization’s way of working, and our capability to program the equipments to that; you will extract the maximum from your investment, instead of struggling with the functioning of the equipment.



Graphic Design

Will it not be nice to have a touch panel you can identify with? Which follows your corporate identity, which provides you comfort in use, which talks in human language, and not a cyber blabber. Trust us to deliver high-end graphics right to your boardroom table.